Mike the Freelancer


Words that deliver results.

As the foundation of any decent website, content has the ability to tell stories, support organic traffic generation and increase sales – not bad for words! 

From establishing an effective content calendar to curating SEO-driven website copy, my content writing skills can deliver long-term, ever-green business results that keep you ahead of the competition.

I write these types of content:


Researched blog posts


Product descriptions


Category content


How-to guides & resources


Landing page content

Technical blog content example

Content marketing that’s focused on results

Copywriting that meets the needs of your target audience

# Blog posts: quality content on your domain provides huge SEO benefits, giving search engines pages to index that users can then find in search results.

# Product descriptions: an often undervalued secret weapon for ecommerce sites, descriptions should be written with care to maximise traffic and conversions.

# Category content: part of your content marketing funnel, categories can act as landing pages for your customers to find what they are looking for.

# Guides & resources: written as cornerstone pieces that support your domain, this type of content matches a user’s search intent with what you have to offer.

# Landing pages: written with a purpose, this content type is a powerful conversion tool that aims to guide your website visitors into taking action.

# Ideas: consistently creating new content ideas can be a real challenge – it’s vital you keep the momentum going with a clear strategy and a stream of topics.

What is a content strategy?

Without a content strategy, the content that you write is being written without a clear direction or aim. The purpose of a content strategy is to help you take a step back from the words and ask yourself ‘what do we need to create‘ and ‘why?’. Different for every website, a content strategy aligns your business objectives with publishing content.

The content you write should be appropriate to your industry and target audience, centered around the reader, written with a motivation and consistent in tone of voice throughout your website.

A well-excuted content marketing strategy can push you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, creating a ‘moat of content’ that can be hard to beat. Curated copy plays a vital role when trying to improve conversion rates and strongly underpins your site’s organic traffic generation capabilities.


What is SEO-focused content?

SEO-focused content aims to increase your website’s visibility in search results, helping you to drive organic traffic to your website. Heavily integrated as part of your long-term SEO strategy, this type of content is planned, thoroughly researched and curated with a strong purpose in mind.

The type of SEO-focused content all depends on the niche and business that it’s for. For ecommerce sites, product descriptions need to be SEO-focused whereas for offline service businesses, landing pages specific to regional areas need to be created with SEO in mind.

How do you charge for content writing?

Depending on what type of content you require, I charge on a piece by piece basis or by the hour (£30 per hour). If you are looking to hire a web designer and also require content for your pages, I offer package prices with reduced rates. Please get in touch with more information about your content requirements for bespoke pricing.

Can you provide any free content marketing tips?

Writing good quality, useful content should be at the centre of your digital marketing strategy. From detailed product descriptions to handy guides and resources, investing the time in content marketing is a sure-fire way to keep your website ahead of the competition. If you’re writing content yourself, here are a few free content marketing tips worth noting…

1. Offer something of value to the reader: people use search engines to find answers and it’s ultimately your content that leads them to your site. When writing content, don’t shy away from providing value to your readers. From an expert insight to free advice, giving something before you receive is a good strategy to success.

2. Think about the design of your content: the way you present your content can have a huge impact on its overall performance. If you’ve spent the time to write a great piece, don’t just throw it onto your website. Give it the attention it deserves by displaying the content in a user-friendly and engaging way.

3. Write naturally for users and search engine spiders: with so much hype around writing keyword-rich content that aims to rank in search results, it’s time to take a step back to the basics. When curating content, write like a normal human being! Content can always be optimised for performance but it’s vital that it is created in a genuine tone.