Mike the Freelancer

Elegant Themes

Divi / Elegant Themes guest content by Mike the Freelancer

On two occasions I have been lucky enough to have my content published on Elegant Themes’s popular blog.

As the creators of Divi, their blog is the ‘go-to’ resource on the internet for all things related to the theme and wider WordPress topics. It has been fantastic to share some of my knowledge on such a trusted platform and I very much enjoyed planning and writing both in-depth articles.

I hope the content has helped readers to impress a client or given them the knowledge to help their own website gain that all-important competitive edge.

From a detailed guide about Google’s algorithms, to building strong SEO foundations using Divi, both guest posts generated lots of engagement and continue to provide readers with tons of actionable and easy-to-digest information on two complex subjects.

A Beginner’s Guide to Google’s 4 Most-Important Ranking Algorithms: in this detailed post, I break down the basics of what a search “algorithm” is and how Google works. Readers can gain a deeper understanding of how Google ranks websites, helping them to spend time in the areas where improvements can most impact their site’s performance.

How to Build Strong SEO Foundations Using Divi: in this informative how-to guide, I combined my expert Divi theme knowledge with my technical SEO skills to cover the basics of implementing strong foundational SEO. Readers are given actionable and easy to understand ways to build foundational SEO during a Divi / WordPress website build or revamp project.