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Old Fashioned Bathrooms

Old Fashioned Bathrooms blog content

Old Fashioned Bathrooms offer an extensive range of traditional bathroom products via their online shop and showroom in Suffolk. From high-quality cast iron baths, to toilets and furniture, they sell everything you need to create an elegant bathroom.

With a wide range of products already listed on the website, an SEO-driven content strategy was carried out to create quality content that could generate organic traffic across topics related to the company’s niche product categories.

Looking at each product category in-depth alongside thorough keyword research, I was able to curate and design a calendar of content that targeted popular search queries whilst showcasing relevant products and the company’s specialist expertise.

From a very popular style guide all about Art Deco bathrooms to detailed guides about toilets and the different options of bathroom taps, the blog content continues to be a cornerstone of the site, driving highly relevant organic traffic from search engines.

Close Coupled Toilets: this detailed guide explains the basics of this common toilet type and highlights the reasons to include this style in your bathroom design. Alongside annotated diagrams and digestible content, the post promotes  four popular products. 

Types of Bathroom Taps: this interesting post digs deep into the complex subject of basin and bath taps – a topic which buyers often search for before shopping for taps online. The content answers common questions and includes top tips before buying.

Art Deco Bathrooms: updated several times since first published, this post continues to be a popular guide that includes relevant style information, alongside highlighting products that you need to create an Art Deco bathroom.