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Launched in April 2021, Kiln Share is a simple directory website that connects potters with local kiln owners. Combining my digital skills with my pottery hobby, I’ve created a global, easy-to-use platform to help ‘kiln-less’ potters find kiln space to hire, whilst giving kiln owners the opportunity to earn some extra income by renting their equipment!

Kiln Share is 100% FREE for both kiln owners who would like to list their equipment on the platform and for potters who are looking to rent local kiln space. As firing ceramics has so many variables, it is up to the potter and kiln owner to agree a price, Kiln Share simply connects the two parties together. Since switching from a subscription-based directory model to free, the platform has exploded all over the world with kilns now listed in 20+ countries!

Built with Bricks on WordPress, the website uses a playful typeface with a colourful palette. The design is clean and functional, with the menu drawing attention to the three most important pages. A Ninja Form controls kiln owner data which is then created into a listing page using a dynamic template. The global directory map is powered by WP Google Maps and kiln listing pages display a quick contact form for potters to contact kiln owners directly.

Premium hosting and W3 cache optimisations ensure the site loads incredibly fast across all device types. To generate revenue, Google Adsense and donation buttons have been carefully added to the website.

Colour palette

Antique Brass #CA8560

Light Grey #EDEDED

Hopbush #BD67A2


Aa Gaegu


Designed by JIKJI SOFT

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