Mike the Freelancer

Graphic Design

Designed to make you stand out.

From an eye-catching logo to icons that speak a thousand words, graphics help to showcase your brand online and engage visitors who find your website.

Working with trusted design contacts I can deliver beautiful graphics that meet your brief and are full of creativity. 

I can help you with:


Logo design


Identity refresh


Icons for websites




Display banners


Landing pages


Social graphics

BBD Leisure Buildings van mock up (logo by Lucky Fox Design)

Impactful graphic design

Professional design without the price tag.

# Logo design: the centre to every decent website, your logo should capture the essence of your business and make an impression.

# Logo refresh: maybe it’s time to upgrade your out-dated logo to a fresh design that better represents your business today.

# Icons: small and mighty, these powerful graphics can add value to your site, speaking a thousand words so you don’t have to.

# Infographics: level up your boring content and show off your data in a modern, professional and easy-to-understand way.

# Landing pages: mock up, develop and adapt digital or static page designs before you have them built by your developer.

# Banners & ads: grab the attention of passing traffic and start driving hits to areas of your website that you want to be seen.

What is a brand identity?

More than just a logo, a brand identity encompasses how a brand looks, feels and engages with it’s audience. When clear and cohesive, a beautiful brand identity can provide the bedrock for long-term business success. In simple terms, it is a comprehensive visual language that can be embedded across everything from your logo and website to printed materials and the way you speak.

A brand identity drives your position in the market, makes you stand out from the competition and delivers a memorable experience for your customers. From colours and logo design to typography and photography a strong brand identity is one that is distinct, creative and intuitive. 


How much does it cost to design a new logo?

Logo design projects (whether a rebrand or a new concept) start from £295. Projects could cost considerably more depending on the scale of the project i.e. full brand identity, the number of designs, revisions and design formats.

If you are looking to have a website designed alongside a new logo being created, I offer package prices with reduced rates. 

Do you send me the original design files?

Of course! You’ll receive the original design files once the graphics have been signed off. For example, for logo design projects, you will be sent multiple file types including JPG, PNG and Adobe Illustrator files. You will also own the full IP on everything created and are free to edit and distribute the designs as you wish.

Can you upload new graphics to my website?

If you require support with uploading and switching over image files on your website, I offer an image support package which includes resizing and smushing files for fast loading times. If you are interested in this service, please contact me with more information about what you need help with. 

Do you offer video and photography services?

No… but over the years I have built strong relationships with a bunch of trusted freelancers who I could put you in touch with. From ecommerce product photography to digital building tours, I know a contact who can help deliver what you are looking for.

Can you create mock up web landing pages?

I offer two types of mock up landing pages; static and digital. For clients who may be working with a developer, I can create demo landing pages that match your website’s look and feel. If you require a more dynamic landing page with basic functionality, I can design and develop ‘live’ landing pages using Divi on WordPress. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact me.