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Co-founded together with my partner Freya, Kanga Yoga is a business start-up with a purpose. Inspired by Africa, a passion for yoga and a love for a wax African fabric called Kanga, our company designs and manufactures beautiful yoga mat carry bags and straps that make our customers stand out from the crowd!

Colourful and bold, every product is truly unique and hand-sewn with love in the UK by Freya. We donate 10% of the value of every sale to Mama Africa, a charity based in Nairobi, Kenya which supports vulnerable women to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Launching the business during a period of global isolation was a special challenge that tested our creativity. From product photography to working with suppliers, every task had to be done a little differently but we are extremely proud of the brand and products we have created.

Built with Divi and WooCommerce on WordPress the website design is vibrant, easy to use and full of personality. Product pages showcase eye-catching photography and use a custom page layout that pulls dynamic content from backend listings. Across the site, a playful font, friendly tone of voice and hints of Swahili create a strong brand identity that’s fun and genuine.

Custom shop category pages have been designed for targeted traffic generation and for use across paid advertising channels. An Instagram widget also provides visitors with colourful social updates.

It has been a wonderful journey so far – our original collection has now sold out, with many happy customers around the world!

Colour palette

Golden Sands #EEC767

Horizon #5C7EA8

Concrete #F2F2F2


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Custom Divi / WooCommerce Product Page

Kanga Yoga - Example Bag Product Page

Product Page Details

Kanga Yoga - Product Page Details

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Kanga Yoga - Strap Category Page

Content Page Example

Kanga Yoga - Example Content Page