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The Art Wanderer is a blog that explores the art world. From exhibition reviews and artwork insights, to influencer interviews and discussions around contemporary subjects, the site is full of great art-based content that’s enjoyed by a global audience.

Set-up and run by Freya Samuel, a History of Art student at the University of Birmingham, the blog offers an accessible and inclusive platform where visitors can dig deep into some of the most fascinating artworks, movements, and topics that the art industry has to offer.

After designing the blogging site, I ran a series of Divi training sessions to teach Freya how to publish new content and manage the site with confidence.

Built with Divi on WordPress, the design is clean and clutter-free and incorporates a full-screen navigation menu. Offering a mix of both page and posts formats, visitors can customise how they view the site through an accessibility tool that displays on every page.

Each post uses a custom Divi post template that has been optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Category pages automatically showcase the latest articles, where they are displayed in chronological order with a content snippet and feature picture.

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Designed by Matt McInerney

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The Art Wanderer homepage design

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I approached Mike with an idea to create a blogging website that I wanted to manage myself. He is a brilliant Divi teacher, who has endless amounts of patience and a knack for explaining things in a clear and effective way. I am so proud of my lovely website, and the digital skills that Mike has taught me to manage and maintain it effectively. Thank you very much!

Freya Samuel

Blogger, The Art Wanderer