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Passha Storage

PASSHA pallet racking guide

Passha Storage offer expert warehouse services and products. From pallet racking to inspections, they provide their clients with ‘fit for purpose’ solutions for warehouses, factories and offices.

As a way to generate targeted online leads alongside highlighting the team’s expert knowledge of pallet racking, a cornerstone piece of useful content was created about identifying pallet racking types.

Content research around the topic was carried out to uncover ways in which the guide could offer more than those already published. It was decided that a mix of original photos and useful details would offer visitors the most valuable information.

With several call-to-actions positioned throughout the page, visitors are reminded that they can call Passha for advice and support which generates leads.

Identify Your Pallet Racking Type: in this ultimate guide, visitors can identify racking types using photos and key characteristics. I worked closely with the expert team at Passha to gather racking type details and original photography. The professional guide continues to generate targeted organic traffic and has become a valuable page for the domain.