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Data Tracking Tools

Harness the power of performance data.

From traffic statistics and conversions to search issues and keyword performance, I provide technical support to set up a suite of digital tools which help you to collect insightful data about your website.

I can help set up tracking for:


Visitor analytics


Traffic performance


Search issues


SEO performance


Conversions & sales


Competitor benchmarking

Google Analytics tool dashboard

Start collecting useful data

Free & premium tools that track your website’s performance.

# Google Analytics [GA]: a must-have free analytics tool from Google that monitors visitor data, allowing you to understand the behaviour of your site users.

# Google Search Console [GSC]: this free tool from Google acts like a backdoor to the search engine, allowing you to see your site’s search and technical performance.

# SEMRUSH: a premium all-in-one marketing tool that lets you monitor and uncover insightful data about your site’s online visibility and SEO performance.

# Keyword Hero: a handy add-on tool for Google Analytics that allows you to see hidden keyword data about how visitors found your site online (free & paid plans).

# Hotjar: a behaviour analytics tool that records visual heatmaps and visitor sessions so you can optimise your site’s user experience (free & paid plans).

# Conversions: from contact form submissions to tracking telephone calls, it’s important your website monitors lead generation or online sales performance.

Why is data tracking so important?

In simple terms, insight into your website’s performance drives better decision making. Without it, you run the risk of making decisions in the dark using your ‘gut feeling’, which is never good.

The ability to track how your website performs, understand who visits and how they found you, puts you in a strong position to continually improve your site to increase traffic generation, leads or sales.

With free tools available from Google, there’s really no excuse not to track your website’s performance. Here are four critical metrics to keep an eye on…

Website traffic: monitors overall site traffic / visitors, giving you a strong indication of whether your website is in growth, decline or flat-lining.

Traffic sources: uncovers what channels your visitors are using to find your site such as search engines, social platforms or referral links.

Session duration: records the time visitors spend on your website, giving you an idea of how much they see and how ‘sticky’ your website is.

Conversion rate: if your website aims to generate revenue or leads, this metric tracks what percentage of your traffic converts into real customers.


Do you provide training for data tools?

If you need a basic introduction to the data tools that track performance across your website, this can be arranged for an extra fee after I set them up for you. For web analytic tools such as Google Analytics, I can show you how to monitor and find the most important metrics that provide good insight for you to review.

What access do you need to set tools up?

To correctly set up most data tracking tools, I will require access to your website’s backend CMS and code files to add tracking codes across pages. In addition, I will most likely also need access to your domain records for verification purposes.

For paid data tracking tools, these accounts will need to be set up by you as they require your card information to buy the service. I will then need access to these accounts to complete the set up process.

How quickly will data start tracking?

For some data tracking tools such as Google Search Console, data might already show in the account as soon as it’s been set up – this is because Google already knows of your site. For tools such as Google Analytics, once the tracking code has been installed data collection will be instant, but the tool will need some time to gather volumes of data that you then can start to review.

For most websites, I recommend reviewing data in 30 day chunks as this gives you a good insight into the performance over a decent period of time.

How much does it cost to set up data tracking tools?

The time it takes to set up tracking tools all depends on the complexity of your website and how easy it is to edit code files.

Prior to carrying out any work, we will agree what tools you need and I will provide you with an estimated cost for the set up of each tool – my rate is £30 per hour. If you work with a developer, I can also provide instructions for them to set up tools and install tracking codes the correct way. Please get in touch for more information or a quote.